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BeBopALuLaby Rex Weiner, directed by Jeff Murray

starring the (then unknown) Donal Logue as Eddie Cochran and fresh from Londons West End (where he created the title role in the hit musical 'Buddy)Paul Hipp as rocker Gene Vincent. The story explores the last 24 hours these life long friends spend together before Cochrans untimely death. The play explores the end of the first great era of rock n roll. Produced by the powerhouse team of Adam Ant, Amanda Donahoe, Lori Depp & Nicolette Chaffey for Theatre Theater the production featured original music by legendary L.A. musician James Intveld


Jersey Girls
Games/One Night
The Senior
Dating Ourselves
Evening with Lenny Bruce
Randy Kovitz
I Can Fit My Fist in My Mouth
Cristine Sang
Danny Peck In Concert
The Bubalaires
Pyschic Poker
Episode 26

BorderLine States

Snapshot of Jesus
The Plunger
Nothing So Simple As Love
Dutch & the EggHead
Judge the Distance
Inside Lois
Town & Country
Words & Music
Black Pumpkin


Steven Simon

Directed by

Che'Rae AdamsCast
Michael It. Dempsey - David front bartender
John DiFusco -Sal, the manager
Michelangelo Kowalski the Punk

Tamar Meskin -Theresa, a waitress
Howard-Mungo -Kirby, the chef
Joann Petrone Claire,-a waitress
Julian Reyes- Chilly Willy Colon, a dishwasher
Steven Simon -Gary, back bartender

Mark Duane -Sivertsen Riley, box office manager

Produced by Janine Cohen and Joann Petrone
Executive Producer: Peggy Chane

Lighting Design by Kathy Eads
Scenic Design by Carmen Comstock
sound Design by John DiFusco
stage managed by Laura Hawk

This play is dedicated to the owners and staff of

the Bottom Line Theatre Cabaret and Night Club, Greenwich Village,
New York City

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